Is your brand clearly defined to your customer?

Who will define your company Brand?

Who are you? Why does a customer choose to shop or dine with you v. your competition? There are plenty of options today: options of the same or similar product and services, even for the same or lower price point. So what do you stand for that will make a customer undecidedly think of you each and every time when they want a burger, pizza, a celebratory meal, a phone, shoes, or even a dry cleaner? Have you clearly defined your brand? Your brand is everything you stand for, what you look like, why someone is coming to you over others.

So let’s take a look at what this is. What this really means is before you ever open your doors to customers, you must first identify what it is you are really selling. If you think you’re just selling your burger, pizza, shoe, etc. you are sunk before you even open your doors. Many others are already selling that. There is nothing truly new under the sun as a product, but it is the way in which you sell it that will make you stand out. This is a part of defining your brand. Next, who is your customer ideal customer? I suggest you create an avatar of who that person is. Make a list including the following demographics:
1. Gender
2. Age range
3. Marital status
4. Education level
5. Financial position
6. What car do they drive
7. Do they own or lease their car
8. Are they a home owner or lessee
9. Where do they hang out
10. Do they cook more at home or eat out
11. How many nights a week/month do they eat out
12. Where do they eat out when going out
13. What kind of cuisine do they prefer
14. What magazines/books do they read
15. How often do they replace their phone
16. Do they use dry cleaners often or do they do it at home

You get the idea. I’ve given many suggestions and of course, depending on your specific market for your product or service, you would go deeper into that industry to serve that person. When the customer is confused and does not know why they should come spend money with you, if you have not clearly defined your value to them, they will go elsewhere because they will have no idea what you are and will lump you into the commodity bucket or ‘just another…..” whatever it is you’re selling. A confused mind will never buy. If you do not define how it is that you distinguish yourself and why people should come and spend their money with you specifically, the customers will in turn define what you stand for. They will create your image and what you’re about.

Define your customer experience brand and what you stand for or it will be defined for you.

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