Jill Raff, founder and the driving force behind The Jill Raff Group, is a highly experienced CX Strategist (Customer Experience) and published author.  For over 25 years she has been delivering world-class customer service and experiences. Jill developed her customer-first philosophy growing up in the “McDonald’s family.” In 1959 her family opened store #150 in Ocala, Florida. From age seven, while shadowing her father and working her way around every station in the restaurant, she experienced first-hand the results of founder Ray Kroc’s philosophy of QSC & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value).  Jill was raised with a robust understanding of a strong work ethic and knowing what good customer service can ultimately do for a business. Jill has made a name for herself by empowering businesses to create company cultures that deliver extraordinary customer experiences so that customers will become obsessed with doing business with them. This work has been led by the creation of her proprietary 7 Ingredient Customer Experience Transformation process.  
Jill is now on a mission to create a
Customer Experience Movement.

Her dedication and integrity are rooted in helping business owners reap the rewards and benefits that delivering outstanding customer service can produce while simultaneously bringing people together. In today’s virtual and chaotic disconnected world, we’ve forgotten how powerful, genuine interactions can be.  This something that Jill is extremely passionate about. She is determined to ensure that businesses understand the value of relationships, helping them to connect with more people in a meaningful way.  
Interactions Create Relationships. Real-ationships Create Connections. Connection = Profit™.
  Drawing on all her breadth of experiences and know-how, she inspires businesses to take control of their customer experience to deliver more repeat visits, lower employee turnover, and increased customer loyalty. She supports owners to identify the issues dragging down their business and helps fix them through the power of customer connections – Transforming Transactions Into Interactions™. Jill’s passion, knowledge, and understanding have been shaped by her diverse experiences.  Not only has she lived and worked across three continents (backed up by her fluency in five languages), she has also worked across a host of different industries.  Although her roots in the culinary world are impressive – raised in the McDonald’s “family”, a trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef, Food Stylist and Recipe Developer – it is her knowledge of broader industries from marketing and real estate to fashion that gives her the unique perspective and power to see how things can be dramatically improved.  She is not bound by ‘this is the way it’s always been done’ – she is brave enough to look outside the norm to apply diverse strategies. As a business strategist, she is highly sought after and can often be found sharing her expertise as a speaker at high profile events.  She is obsessed with ensuring businesses find their way to long term success by keeping  customers connections at the heart of everything they do. Call Jill at 917.887.5899.


5 reasons why The Jill Raff Group believes outstanding Customer Experience should be top of your agenda:

  1. Good customer service is a business transaction. Good customer experience is a positive, memorable interaction.
  2. Every customer complaint is an opportunity to know your customer’s wants and needs, and grow your company.
  3. Be obsessed with your customer’s experience, so your customers will be obsessed with doing business with you.
  4. Create a company culture of honoring your customer’s choice to do business with you over a competitor.
  5. Great customer experience leads to the customer obsessed with telling anyone and everyone they know, on and offline, how great your business is and why they need seek you out.


If you’re suffering from high employee turnover, bad reviews, decreased revenue and lack of repeat customers, book a call today to discuss how Jill and The Jill Raff Group can help you transform your business.

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“Jill is organized, efficient and extremely competent. Any project that she has supervised for us was planned out in great detail and she made a big effort to push it through, sticking to a timeline to get the project done. She was adept at dealing with a team of multiple personalities within our company and on the outside. At all times she was ethical and trustworthy."Lyn Grogan, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development and Co-Founder/Owner, Sweet Sam's Bakery
“Working with Jill on various projects has always been a very positive and wonderful experience. Jill is creative, accurate and reliable. She always demonstrates her respect for alternate ideas and is an excellent listener, storing details of conversations in her mind, ready to comment and give amazing advice. It is her creative nature and eye for detail that makes an enormous difference and a positive impact on any project.”Shari Wright-Pilo
"Jill is an experienced entrepreneur and talented business woman. Bringing loads of dynamic creativity, she understands the macro and micro business environment - an important factor in driving sales. Jill possesses a unique quality in both being a team player and a great team leader. "Gina Shaffer
“Jill worked hard for us always putting our interests first. She was referred to us and working with Jill was a delight due to her knowledge, experience and professionalism together with her integrity, warmth and genuine nature. We highly recommend Jill.”Elliot K.
“Jill went above and beyond she is knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working; she conducts herself with integrity and geniality."Stephanie Marks and Jonathan Zellan
“It was a privilege to work with Jill Raff, her industry knowledge and experience coupled with her professionalism and warm approach made working with her an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to be represented by someone who genuinely has their client's best interest in mind.”Kimberley A. Calabrese, Senior Management Executive, AKAM
“Jill is the consummate professional. She will look you in the eye, and make you feel like a friend. She operates with integrity. I'd recommend her any day, as she is an absolute pleasure to work with!”Tony Harris

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