About the Jill Raff Group

“This is the way it’s always been done” doesn’t cut it

We are on a mission to create 5-star customer experiences starting with happier employees resulting in stellar employee experiences. 

Exceptional Employee Experience = Outstanding Customer Experience

At the Jill Raff Group, we inspire and instruct organizations on best practices to create 5-star customer experiences through EX2CX™ — Employee Experience to Customer Experience. This is our unique strategy that turns your organization’s employees into advocates and customer magnets. 

Your organization already recognizes that its people are your greatest asset. But when organizations like yours create systems and procedures to develop a culture which exhibits this core value, it leads to higher retention and greater productivity for a true collaborative team. 


Jill Raff

Jill Raff teaching her PMI framework to help restaurants, franchises, hotels, credit unions, etc. improve their customer experience.

CEO, Founder, and the driving force behind the Jill Raff Group

Jill Raff is the globally recognized expert, amongst the Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers, who teaches companies how to Transform Transactions into Interactions™ through her methodology connecting the employee experience (EX) to the customer experience (CX) – EX2CX™.

While many professionals talk about the customer experience – Jill Raff has lived it from day one. Jill grew up working with her parents, owner/operator of one of the first McDonald‘s franchises in the world, store #150. Her customer service philosophy and strong work ethic originated from observing her mother and father’s work and their interactions with legendary founder, Ray Kroc. EX and CX is in Jill’s DNA.

Jill is highly sought after and can often be found sharing her expertise as a speaker at high-profile events.  She is obsessed with ensuring businesses find their way to long-term success keeping (internal and external) customers connections at the heart of everything they do. Click here to learn more about booking her to speak at your next event. 

She comes with a team of experts

Diversified Strategies
One Unified message

Jill has a diverse background working in multiple industries across three continents (backed up by her fluency in five languages) – and has lived in 7 countries.

But regardless of location or culture, she’s found that the biggest impact on customer experience always — ALWAYS — starts the employee experience.

She developed her Inside-Out Framework™ using these various experiences from “McDonald’s to Michelin“ and other service-related businesses. She is not bound by ‘this is the way it’s always been done’ – she is bold and insightful enough to look outside the norm to apply diverse strategies across industries.

Why hire the Jill Raff Group?

1. Become The Employer Of Choice

Employees can choose! Becoming the employer of choice means your organization will never face a retention problem again. Named Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers, The Jill Raff Group is ready to help you get there.

2. Remember Life Outside Work

Are you exhausted from working “in” your business putting out perpetual fires? It’s time to create leaders at every level so you can not only regain your life outside of work but also have a strong organization that is scalable.

3. Create A “Connection Culture” For Retention

Studies have proven that we feel connected to others when we feel understood, that we can contribute, feel like we belong, and are respected. When these are core to your company culture, employee turnover will be a thing of the past. The Jill Raff Group will assist you in creating this “connection culture”. Interactions create Relationships. Real-ationships create Connection. Connection = Profit™

4. Gain A Trusted Partner

It’s hard to go it alone, but you don’t have to! Jill cross-pollinates her strategies from multiple industries across the globe to bring a unique perspective to your unique challenges. And, the Jill Raff Group has many experts to walk you through exactly what you need at whatever stage you’re in with each challenge. With integrity, we co-create the solution with you and support your organization at the level you desire.

5. You’ll Sleep Better At Night

We’ve been there, tossing and turning, thinking of all of the problems we didn’t get to that day and worry, “How will we ever get it all done?”! You will sleep soundly knowing you have the solid, trustworthy, reliable support from the Jill Raff Group whose trademark is working on their clients problems as if it were their own. Sweet dreams!

Connect with the Jill Raff Group

It always starts with a 1:1 with Jill! Just follow the link to schedule your initial call to discuss your company’s urgent challenges and discover a solution plan.

Our Values

Good customer service is a business transaction. Good customer experience is PMI™, a positive, memorable interaction.

Every customer complaint is an opportunity to know your customer’s wants and needs, and grow your organization.

Be obsessed with your employee’s and customer’s experience, so they will be obsessed with doing business with you.

Create a company culture honoring your customer’s choice to do business with you over a competitor. Be the employer of choice!

Great customer experience leads to the customer obsessed with telling anyone and everyone they know, on and offline, how great your business is and why they need seek you out.

See what people have to say!

*Screenshots from Linkedin

“Jill is organized, efficient and extremely competent. Any project that she has supervised for us was planned out in great detail and she made a big effort to push it through, sticking to a timeline to get the project done. She was adept at dealing with a team of multiple personalities within our company and on the outside. At all times she was ethical and trustworthy."
Lyn Grogan
Vice President, Marketing and Product Development and Co-Founder/Owner, Sweet Sam's Bakery
Well done! 368 listeners. Your message is right on target!! It’s absolutely perfect!”
Dorothy Stingley
Former President, Women Operators Network, McDonald’s®
“Jill worked hard for us always putting our interests first. She was referred to us and working with Jill was a delight due to her knowledge, experience and professionalism together with her integrity, warmth and genuine nature. We highly recommend Jill.”
Elliot K.
“Jill went above and beyond she is knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working; she conducts herself with integrity and geniality. "
Stephanie Marks and Jonathan Zellan
“It was a privilege to work with Jill Raff, her industry knowledge and experience coupled with her professionalism and warm approach made working with her an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to be represented by someone who genuinely has their client's best interest in mind.”
Kimberley A. Calabrese
Senior Management Executive, AKAM

Connect with the Jill Raff Group

It always starts with a 1:1 with Jill! Just follow the link to schedule your initial call to discuss your company’s urgent challenges and discover a solution plan.

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