Jill Raff: Your Customer Experience Strategist

Hi, I’m Jill Raff, your Customer Experience Strategist. I love everything customer experience. I believe that a Celebrity Customer Experience™ is the solution to high employee turnover, bad reviews & ratings, and decreased revenue, resulting in a lack of repeat customers. In short, I’m passionate about the benefits to businesses of delivering outstanding value to customers. I’m on a mission, to create a Customer Experience Movement.
In March of 1959, my parents and grandparents opened McDonald’s #150. My parents eventually owned stores across several states…and I remember, when driving by any of our stores, if my dad saw there was a line of customers waiting, a light out, or anything he saw not up to par, he’d pull in the lot. He always said he’d be RIGHT back, but 20-30 minutes later, I’d go in to check where he was, and I’d see him shuffling between dressing buns, working the fry station, and helping at the counter to get the customers served quickly, and always with a smile.
I was raised with THAT as my example of a strong work ethic and knowing what good customer service can do for a business. My experience has shown me that your ability to grow your business, is directly tied to your ability to develop relationships with your customers. And do you know who is responsible for developing those relationships? YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES! You’ll grow your business quickly by developing outstanding relationships with your customers.

I want to give you a gift for stopping by. This guide will give you key concepts for the first main ingredient, of my 7 Steps to a Customer Experience Transformation. You can apply this immediately and see excellent results. Every part of your business is hinged to this foundation, so your customers will experience true magic and consistency when they come to do business with you. So enter your name and email here for your free gift, and I’ll see you on the other side.

The CX Checklist

Increasing Revenue
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