Jill Raff and Dr. Bill Williams. 10k Dentist Podcast

10k Dentist Podcast with Jill Raff

In this episode, Dr. Bill and Jill discuss:

What’s the difference between customer service and a customer experience

Why hiring and training employees for the customer experience is vital

How to engage customers in a new way through in-office demos

Key Takeaways:

Interaction with customers does not need to be elaborate; eye contact and using their names is a simple step

Connecting with a patient through a non-dental interaction helps to get to know them and build trust prior to the dental exam

It’s important that there is an established system to keep the culture of customer experiences as staff changes occur

“It’s about transforming a customer transaction to a customer interaction.” — Jill Raff

The CX Checklist

Increasing Revenue
shouldn't depend on NEW clients!