The Driven Entrepreneur

Podcast: The Driven Entrepreneur

Jill Raff joins the show today to share an incredible story. With over 25 years of customer experience, Jill grew up helping her parents run McDonalds #150 in Florida. Here, she truly learned how to apply Ray Kroc’s customer service philosophy that continues to permeate McDonald’s 36,000+ stores to this day.

Jill also followed her dream to become a fashion designer taking her to work to New York, Italy, and Hong Kong. She’s fluent in 5 languages and trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. She also became a top food stylist and has worked with brands such as Harrods, Godiva, Food and Wine Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, and The Today Show. Jill uses her entire background now as a high level consultant for companies who want to create a 5 star customer experience.

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