Q: Do you know who is responsible for developing relationships with your customers?

A:  YOU and YOUR employees.

If this responsibility is weighing you down and stopping you from loving what you do, it’s time to push those feelings aside and start anew. Jill and her team can give you back the enjoyment of running and building your business.

Based on her extensive experience growing up and working in the food service/restaurant industry, and across a wide range of other industries while working around the world, Jill understands the power of real connections. She has seen first-hand how transformational they can be for a business.  Jill knows the frustrations and challenges of operating in a crowded market place, the pain of poor employee retention and the need to offer experiences not just services.

Q: Do you know your “real” cost of employee disengagement & turnover in your business?

A:  It’s more than you think. Plug your unique numbers into the Employee Churn Cost Calculator to discover just the financial cost alone.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, without fantastic customer experience, your time in operation will be limited.  If you’re serious about delivering positive and memorable interactions that will increase your business profits, win you positive reviews, and secure life-long customers, it’s time to embrace Jill’s 7 Ingredient Customer Experience Transformation process.

Working with The Jill Raff Group


To kick-start your journey to fantastic customer service and business success simply book a complimentary 20 minute 1:1 Mine for Profits Call.

This focused interaction allows Jill to pinpoint where you need help the most. You’ll discuss those issues keeping you up at night, and together you’ll assess where you’re losing opportunities and how the team could support you.  

Should you decide that CX is a critical success factor for your business, the next step in the journey is to apply Jill’ s 
7 Ingredient Customer Experience Transformation process. Together, you will co-create a plan of attack to eliminate your distinct problems.

If you’re looking for additional support, The Jill Raff Group also offers a range of services including:

1:1 Coaching/Consulting

Team Coaching/Consulting

Management and Leadership Development

Customer Experience Audits — multi-layer organizational research

Team Training and Development Sessions


Dynamic Workshop Facilitation

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However you decide to work with The Jill Raff Group, they will share their wisdom and start you on your journey to reap the rewards of giving your customers a Celebrity Customer Experience™.
“Jill is organized, efficient and extremely competent. Any project that she has supervised for us was planned out in great detail and she made a big effort to push it through, sticking to a timeline to get the project done. She was adept at dealing with a team of multiple personalities within our company and on the outside. At all times she was ethical and trustworthy."Lyn Grogan, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development and Co-Founder/Owner, Sweet Sam's Bakery
“Working with Jill on various projects has always been a very positive and wonderful experience. Jill is creative, accurate and reliable. She always demonstrates her respect for alternate ideas and is an excellent listener, storing details of conversations in her mind, ready to comment and give amazing advice. It is her creative nature and eye for detail that makes an enormous difference and a positive impact on any project.”Shari Wright-Pilo
"Jill is an experienced entrepreneur and talented business woman. Bringing loads of dynamic creativity, she understands the macro and micro business environment - an important factor in driving sales. Jill possesses a unique quality in both being a team player and a great team leader. "Gina Shaffer
“Jill worked hard for us always putting our interests first. She was referred to us and working with Jill was a delight due to her knowledge, experience and professionalism together with her integrity, warmth and genuine nature. We highly recommend Jill.”Elliot K.
“Jill went above and beyond she is knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working; she conducts herself with integrity and geniality."Stephanie Marks and Jonathan Zellan
“It was a privilege to work with Jill Raff, her industry knowledge and experience coupled with her professionalism and warm approach made working with her an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to be represented by someone who genuinely has their client's best interest in mind.”Kimberley A. Calabrese, Senior Management Executive, AKAM
“Jill is the consummate professional. She will look you in the eye, and make you feel like a friend. She operates with integrity. I'd recommend her any day, as she is an absolute pleasure to work with!”Tony Harris

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