Marketing and Branding

Your customers have an experience of your brand that will either convert them to loyal fans, leave them saying “better luck next time,” or repel them. The devil is in the details!

It is vital to have every aspect of your brand be top notch. We help our clients get clear on their brand identity, both conceptual and visual. We identify your brand promise and how you can consistently deliver on it. We assess any elements in your organization that are out of alignment with your brand and help you make improvements. We clarify what differentiates your organization from the competition, and we strategize ways for you to effectively communicate this.

Our marketing consulting is highly customized to your goals, target audience, bandwidth, and budget. We are proficient in a variety of marketing strategies – direct mail, online visibility, online marketing, sponsorships, community events, trade shows, customer appreciation campaigns, strategic partnerships, and cultivating brand ambassadors. Each marketing platform is unique to each client and their goals. We analyze the methods you are currently using, determine their effectiveness, and create a strategy for the next steps needed to achieve results.

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