Most customers feel their interactions are transactional and do not leave them with a Positive. Memorable. Interaction. We can change that together by co-creating a plan and system that works with your specific organization’s needs.

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The ABC’s of QSV™
There are 7 Core Pillars to a Customer Experience Transformation. Just as Ray Kroc built McDonald’s’ huge success around the principles of QSC & V, Jill’s foundation, [quality, service cleanliness and value], she has combined this core knowledge and experience with other global experiences and diverse industries strategies to develop her unique diverse approach to increase repeat customers and reduce employee turnover. Jill’s proprietary methodology can be customized to each business, depending on their needs at any given stage of their business development.


Jill Raff can serve on expert panels, conduct break-out sessions, and speak at restaurant associations and hospitality conferences. She will happily tailor her presentation to meet your specific needs. Contact her today to learn how she can serve and support you at a greater level by speaking to your company and sharing her secret sauce for a celebrity Customer Experience.

Topics Include:

Increase your employee retention to increase your repeat customers.

Churn. Churn. Churn. Your employee churn rate will also be an indicator in your customer churn rate. Your employees are the face of your company. Happy employees will create happy customers thereby creating a Winning Trifecta™ in your organization.

Win your customer’s heart just because…and watch your business thrive.

Love your customers and their wants, needs and desires more than selling them. Do you want to create lifelong customers and ambassadors? When engaging with your customers, you must make interactions, real interactions; treat your customers like people, not a transaction.

Mistakes are human. Strengthen your business by how you respond.

Mess up with a customer? A parent, child or spouse? What about your staff? No worries! It’s a good thing. Create a memorable experience & relationship for life in how you fix it!

Achieve your desired success through being customer-obsessed.
Make your customer’s experience your obsession. Become obsessed with creating a culture within your company to deliver a positive memorable interaction with their customers, so they will in turn become obsessed with doing business with you.
Think again! Discover the power of one voice on your business.
84% of people purchase because of a referral, EVEN IF they don’t know that referral personally. Ratings Rock! How will your customers rate you and how will you respond?
What’s your Secret Sauce? Celebrate your customers to create lifetime loyalty.
Growing up in McDonald’s, I know a thing or two about the ‘secret sauce’. The “Secret Sauce” in Your Business Success is in the details. It is indeed the small things that make the biggest impact on your customers. They are the things that matter most when people remember their experience.